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Every year we set aside time and have a season to prepare for Christmas Day.  It only makes sense to set aside time to prepare for the two most important days of the Christian year – Good Friday and Easter.  Lent is a time where we look human condition and the condition of the world.  We once again realize the need for our Savior and what Jesus did for us.  Lent brings this to the front of our minds.  Lent allows us to open our hearts and understand our Lord more deeply.  So…when Good Friday and then Easter come around, it isn’t just another day, but a time where we can receive the overflowing of grace and love that God has to offer.

If there were ever a time the world needed to hear a message from the cross, it is today.  Join us for this Lent series, where Pastor Chuck will review The Seven Greatest Words of Love from Christ’s cross that will change the way we live and minister to others.

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