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The story of how Paul came to the city of Ephesus is really interesting. You can go read about it in Acts chapter 19. Ephesus was a huge City. It was the epicenter of worship for most of the Greek and Roman gods. For over two years Paul had a really effective missionary presence there, and lots of people became followers of Jesus.

Years later, after being imprisoned by the Romans, Paul wrote this letter. The movement of thought in the letter divides into two really clear halves. In the first half Paul is exploring the story of the Gospel – how all history came to its climax in Jesus and in his creation of this multi-ethnic community of his followers.

The second half of the letter is linked to the first by the word “therefore.” Here Paul explores how the gospel story should affect how we live every part of our life story – personally, in our neighborhoods, communities, and in our family.

In this series Pastor Danny is going to take us verse by verse, chapter by chapter and dive deep into this book.  Join us for our new Sermon Series on Ephesians.  How God influences us and how we in turn can influence the world.

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