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DISCOVER COMMUNITY: Yes!  We are meeting at Church.  And it is so wonderful to be able to join together as believers and worship together.   We are worshiping however, in this time with Covid-19 and to help the custodial staff with their cleaning schedule, we will be keeping our set-up light for the next few weeks.

DISCOVER KIDS / DC YOUTH: Because of this “light set-up”, these groups will not be meeting during the service.  Coloring pages and colors are available in the back out younger kids.

PRAYER CHAIN: You can always fill out the yellow cards on Sunday to let us know how we can pray for you.  We want to pray for you in the storm but also celebrate with you in the victories!  But, things don’t always happen just on the weekends.  You can always email us at to let our team know how we can pray for you.  If you would like to be added to the prayer chain, please email – subject: Prayer Chain.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY: Women’s group meets on Monday’s, at the Brunn’s home, at 6:30pm.  Email for address and directions.

MEN’S MINISTRY: Due to the holidays, Men group will be taking a break through the end of December.

YOUTH MINISTRY: Due to the holidays, Youth group will be taking a break through the end of December.

OFFERINGS:  Giving is an act of worship that when practiced in cooperation with the Holy Spirit will form us into Christ’s likeness.  At Discover Community, our offerings are freely given out of thanksgiving to God for His daily blessings.  Our prayer is that God opens our hearts to become a generous people that we can do amazing and crazy things to grow the kingdom of God. Though giving does sustain many practical functions of the church, its primary purpose is to align our hearts with Christ.  To make giving easier, we have 4 WAYS TO GIVE!

  1. Offering basket on Sunday morning – located on the table in the front.
  2. Mail it to the church office.  Address located on the GIVING page.
  3. Give online – using the GIVE button located at the top-right of our website.  It will open up a window, you can login (or create a login), find Discover Community Church, and then set the amount you want to give.
  4. Give via App – you can go to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and find the TITHE.LY app.  Takes 30 seconds to download and install.  Once installed open it.  You can login (or create a login), find Discover Community Church, and then set the amount you want to give.

Find out more information at

SERVING OPPORTUNITIES: Several opportunities to serve – although scaled back a bit for now.  Let us know in person on Sunday’s, fill out a comment card, or contact – subject: Serving – to let us know if you would like to find out more about these ministries or would like to serve in one of these areas.

  • PRAYER CHAIN – each Sunday people submit prayer requests to be prayed over during the week. The requests are sent by email to those on prayer chain.
  • SIGNS – Five signs are placed in close proximity to Discover Worship Center each week. Volunteers are needed to put these signs out on Saturdays and picking them up on Sunday afternoons.
  • SET UP / PACK UP – Always looking for volunteers to help with unloading and setting up church and loading the church trailer after worship.

FRY’S COMMUNITY REWARDS PROGRAM – When you shop at Fry’s, you can help support our church!  A portion of your purchase will be donated to Discover when you register your Fry’s VIP card online at and use the code NPO#99730.  Watch your email this week for another way to support Discover Community!  Thanks for supporting Discover!

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