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Is God always good? What about those times of pain and suffering? Even during difficult times, God wants to reassure us; he wants us to have hope and favor. Throughout history, many successful men and women are described as having God’s favor — but what does that mean? Favored people get special treatment and benefits…

DISCOVER COMMUNITY: Yes!  We are meeting at Church.  And it is so wonderful to be able to join together as believers and worship together.   We are worshiping however, in this time with Covid-19 and to help the custodial staff with their cleaning schedule, we will be keeping our set-up light for the next few weeks….

This Christmas Season, we’ll be looking at “The Character’s of Christmas.”  Each week we look more closely at key figures in the Christmas Story.  From Zachariah and Elizabeth, to Mary and Joseph, to the Shepherds and even Angels!  Come join us for a unique look at these important figures in the Christmas story.

Here at Discover Community, we have a few areas to serve in. The main ones are setup & take down of the church every week and the Youth / Kids ministry. Areas to plug in and be apart of Discover is of course Sunday worship, but also Life Groups, Prayer Chain, and Men’s & Women’s…

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